What is Tai Chi?
Originally known as Tai Chi Ch'uen meaning supreme ultimate fist, Tai Chi has become one of the most effective exercises in the world for relaxing your mind and muscles.  Tai Chi uses your internal energy through gentle movement to improve your posture, balance and overall health.  Tai Chi can be practices at any age and will improve your muscle tone, calm your mind and bring you inner peace.  Tai Chi, it is estimated, is currently practiced by 20% of the people on earth.  It's time to join the community.​​
How does the Ten Minute Tai Chi Workout work?


​The Ten Minute Tai Chi Workout is broken down into twelve easy to follow movements with a separate section of the DVD/Download showing front and side instructions.  Each movement will be repeated for 45 seconds with a short period in between to regulate your breathing.

What is Qigong?

Qigong literally translated means life force cultivation.  It has been called Moving Meditation.  The static and dynamic movements are used to improve health, spirituality and emotional well being.  It can improve energy levels, relaxation, mood, digestion, sleep, blood pressure and your feeling of satisfaction.

How does the Ten Minute Qigong Workout work?

The Ten Minute Qigong Workout is a series of eighteen movements that are repeated six times (four times on the Short Form).  The sequence is designed to be a full body stimulating exercise.

What is Qi?


Qi, pronounced "chee" is one's life energy.  The flow and blockage of Qi directly affects our health, tension and angst.  Tai Chi exercises are designed to encourage the flow of Qi and unblock areas where Qi becomes stagnant.  The free flow of Qi will animate, heal and nurture your life.

Why the Ten Minute Workout vs other methods?

This workouts are designed to improve your cardio-vascular system, balance, focus and overall well-being through balancing of Qi throughout your body.  The Ten Minute Workouts are a great way for people to introduce themselves to the ancient healing art of Tai Chi and Qigong.  For people who have always been Tai-Curious, this is a gentle, user friendly way to try these wonderful arts practiced by hundreds of thousands of people every day.  

The Ten Minute Workouts are also a great tool for experienced Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners that may need a quick re-centering.  One of the best features of our workouts is the limited space needed to perform this exercises.  One can do this workout in a den, bedroom, basement even a hotel room.